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This book includes 5 power-packed steps that provide clear instruction for immediate action! The tactics and strategies within each chapter will ignite your inner strengths, while granting solid principles to run a successful business. Don't wait any longer on starting the business you dream of... or making your current business official... or taking your current business success to the next level!

And here's a secret... you don't have to quit your job to be successful. You can enrich others, as well as your bank account, as a corpreneur! Take it from me; I've helped hundreds, created additional income streams, and had a blast as a corpreneur for more than 10 years!

Step 1 - Share Selectively

Step 2 - Think Business-Minded

Step 3 - Maintain Your Commitments

Step 4 - Work Your Success Plan

Step 5 - Maintain Your Balance

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In this powerful and knowledge-packed book, Clarissa Joi gives practical and attainable tools for the working entrepreneur. The book’s insight caused me to take an introspective look at where I am, where I want to take my business while helping me to realize the importance that accountability and balance has on the success of my business. I’d recommend this book to anyone wanting to operate their own business while still holding down a job!
— A. J., Hermitage, TN
I wish I had this book five years ago.... Clarissa Joi thank you for sharing. I recommend this eBook to current entrepreneurs and corpreneurs. Don’t read it once. Read it again and again. This is the type of information when you read a second time, she reveals another hidden nugget. I can’t wait for the next book’s release.
— Evangelist LaTrice Ryan, Memphis, TN
Unlike your traditional “entrepreneur self-help” book, Clarissa invites you into her personal life by candidly outlining how you can definitely have the best of both worlds!! One where you are not left feeling like letting go of your professional career is the only option to entrepreneurial success. The outlined steps motivate you to make that leap! Highly recommended!
— S.Marie James, Atlanta, GA
I’m not an avid reader of any sort. However, I thoroughly enjoyed your enthusiasm in this book. It made me re-read portions to make sure I was following you. If I were interested in becoming a businessperson while working (versus retiring), your book would be the one that would guide me into becoming the best that I could be. My hat is off to you! The book is so well written and easy to follow. I could’ve read on for hours! God bless you in your endeavors. I know you are going higher!!
— Clarice Moore, Lake Cormorant, MS
This ebook is relatable and so user friendly to someone who is looking to become an entrepreneur. Clarissa’s book provided such an outlined and detailed instructional manual for the person who has been playing with the idea of starting their own business while employed for a corporation. I wish I had read this book years ago. “Employee mentality” versus an “Entrepreneur mentality” is a real thing! How does one reprogram their minds to successfully transition into a full-time business owner? Read this book to find out Steps 1 to 5.
— Renee Oliver, Orlando, FL

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