Note: Elite Winner’s Circle replaces individual coaching for Clarissa Joi in 2019. One-on-one coaching is not available at this time.

Also, only 20 ladies are able to register per cohort, on a first-come basis.

Is this Boutique Academy for you? YES, if…!

  • You are a black woman who owns your own business (or desires to own your own business), or

  • You are a black woman who has founded a nonprofit organization (or desires to found a nonprofit organization)

  • You are ready to be freed from external hinderances and self-imposed doubt

  • You are ready to convert your purpose and passion from just testimonies to coins (or a bag if you’re up for it! *love it*)

  • You are ready to stop begging friends and family to buy from you, but intentionally target your ideal customers and clients

  • You are ready to move from infrequent and inconsistent profits to achieving monthly profit goals

  • You are ready apply and implement real strategies that propel your business in real life, not just fluff

  • You are ready to stop neglecting the YOU in your business and align your narrative of experiences to increase sales

  • You are ready to stop using only social media posts as your marketing and sales plan, but customize a winning strategy

  • You are ready to utilize your God-given gifts and talents to create additional streams of income (monetization)

  • You are ready to make every hour of your day count and stop counting the years you should’ve-would’ve-could’ve (maximization)

Why should you join Elite Winner’s Circle?

Work at Leisure

Elite Winner’s Circle course content is accessible via the internet from your home, local Starbucks or wherever you enjoy working from day-to-day. You can log in at your convenience to access worksheets and videos that teach each week’s topic. No matter if you’re an early-riser and work before your family awakes, work during your lunch break or even if you’re a night-owl and prefer to get it in after everyone goes to bed… you are able to work at YOUR leisure!

Live Saturday Workshop

The signature differentiator for Elite Winner’s Circle is truly caring that EVERY student understands and applies each week’s strategies to their business. We don’t want you to purchase yet another course and never log in or even worse, feel completely lost. We’ve designed a LIVE Saturday Workshop that allows us to dig deeper and “Make it Real” for YOUR business. We strongly believe we WIN only when our students WIN (not just pay for the course)!

Community and Connections

Another competitive advantage of Elite Winner’s Circle is that we foster a close-knit community among our students. We recognize the value of peer-accountability and rich opportunities that emerge through collaboration with like-minded, professional sisters. When one of us WIN, we don’t want to leave others in the dust. This mental model embodies unity and shifts our community upward, together. Lifelong bonds will be established through each cohort!

The VALUE of this Boutique Academy! (Worth Over $2,000)

  1. Introductory 1-on-1 consultation with Clarissa Joi to level-set and create an individual success plan ($197)

  2. Seven weeks of online course material specific to holistic business success topics ($1,047)

  3. Live Saturday workshop for hands-on application and implementation of course concepts, relative to your business ($597)

  4. Close-out 1-on-1 consultation with Clarissa Joi for individual guidance on next steps and to clarify your WIN ($197)

  5. Lifelong access to the Elite Winner’s Circle private community and future enhancements to the EWC course content (PRICELESS)

BONUS Offers! (Worth $500)

1. Access to iExcel In Life academy ($200)

  • Week 1: Get In Control

  • Week 2: Research Your Industry

  • Week 3: Confirm Your Purpose and Why

  • Week 4: Create Your Brand

  • Week 5: Setup Your Tools

  • Week 6: Streamline Your Products and Services

  • Week 7: Execute Your Action Plan

  • Week 8: Gather Feedback From Others

2. Access to Built For This academy ($300)

  • Week 1: Bold

  • Week 2: Unapologetic

  • Week 3: Intelligent

  • Week 4: Loving

  • Week 5: Tough

Pricing Structure (Increases every cohort, so join TODAY!)

2019 Introductory Price Specials

Cohort 3 (begins October 1st) - $447… or 2 payments of $247

2020 Standard Price

$997 (valued at over $2,500)

Check out photos from our last academy’s celebration dinner!