I was innately a shy lady that maintained very tight lips regarding my personal life, prior to 2012. Near that year's end, I shockingly made a social media post that referenced personal challenges and monumental successes that came after a spotlighted, failed marriage in 2011. Immediately, replies poured in via inbox and text message. I was bombarded with gratitude and testimonials from many who were surprised by the less-than-fairy-tale ending of my marriage, but more importantly, touched by the multi-flavored approach I took in sharing. It definitely wasn't a sob story or an "all men are scum" saga, but a place of vulnerability and transparency that offered comfort to the lonely, reassurance to the doubting and hope to the despairing!

At that moment, the light bulb turned on and I realized sharing my experiences and knowledge on a broader scale positively impacted others. 

Today, I walk boldly as a...

  • Servant of Christ
  • Mother to the sweetest turkey (my daughter)
  • Leader within a Fortune 500 corporation
  • Inspirational writer (published author)
  • Owner and Chief Executive Officer of Clarissa Joi Inc. (motivational speaker + business coach + epic vision strategist)
  • Founder of Rise Up Single Mom (advocate for single moms) Non-Profit Organization
  • Technologist (B.S. in Information Technology) and business woman (M.B.A. and Project Management certificate)


"Each day is a gift and should be treated as such... with a smile, excitement and gratefulness!"